"It's Only A Northern Song"

Location on DVD: 30.33

Image Size: 9.5" x 9.5"

This is a wonderful, and very rare, cel from the 'Sea Of Science' sequence of the film.  This scene wasn't as heavily animated as some of the others as the 'blocks' in their different incarnations were moved around the filming area by hand, rather than re-painted in every different frame.  The majority of the scene was 'superimposed' against an actual oscilloscope display, as can be seen in the screen-capture at the bottom of the page, and as far as we know this is the only surviving cel that depicts all four Beatle-Blocks.  The acetate is larger than usual at 19" x 16" and has some minor wear and tear at the edges and corners (but nothing that imposes on the amazing image) and a small flake of gouache missing just above John's little finger, as can be seen.  Again, this could easily be obscured with a small piece of black paper positioned behind the image.

Price Reduced


As the cel appears in the film.