Animal Farm (1954)

Set of Five Production Cels

The first full length animated feature film to be made in The UK, an adaptation of George Orwell's 'Animal Farm', was produced by husband and wife team, John Halas & Joy Batchelor. Their previous work included government-funded wartime propaganda shorts for the UK and USA, and Animal Farm is widely thought to have been funded by the CIA as part of their anti-communism efforts during 'The Second Red Scare' of the 1950s. It would be 14 years until the next animated feature film, The Yellow Submarine, was made in Great Britain.



Animal Farm Cel (1954) - Farmer
2 cels - A rare key set-up of an injured farmer entering the pub. Complete with it's original studio matte and COA. Some aged tape residue on the cels but otherwise beautiful condition. This image is located at 30:07:06 on the PAL DVD.

Animal Farm Cel (1954) - Napoleon
1 cel - Napoeon, soon to become leader, listens as 'Old Major' delivers his dying speech. There is a little paint loss on the image, which could easily be obscured, otherwise excellent condition. This image is located at 08:03:18 on the PAL DVD.

'Lamb and Pigeon'Animal Farm Cels (1954) - Lamb and Pigeon

2 cels - A messenger pigeon spreads word of the revolution to a lamb. Two cels, beautiful condition. This image is located at 29:15:16 on the PAL DVD.

375.00 - The Set

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