Gorilla Bedroom (ensemble)

Location on DVD: 20:35

Image size: various (23 items)

This is a set of 22 drawings and one animation cel.  Pictured here (not to scale) are the original background drawing of the 'King Kong' bedroom in Ringo's House, an animation cel of Kong's hand as it comes through the window and the (animated) drawings from a test sequence of Kong's face at the window.  The 21 'test-sequence' drawings are a series which were submitted to George Dunning (the first sheet contains the notation 'Show George D) for approval and seemingly rejected as 'not fierce-looking enough'.  Kong's head position and expression changes gradually throughout the test and several of the drawings are artist-notated.  Backgrounds are notoriously difficult to find.

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Animated Kong drawings


Kong Hand

The sequence as it appears in the movie