Walk Cycle

Location on DVD: N/A

Image Size: Fills full sheet


An animators’ reference which would have been pinned up in the office during the production.  These drawings show one frame of the walk cycles of the characters.  This is one of a set of drawings on 12 field ‘cel-sized’ paper, (this had to be scanned in three stages due to image size, (hence the seams), depicting the entire walk-cycle.  The movement needed to be offset for each character to prevent them walking in synchronisation.  This drawing demonstrates that when John is at frame 4 of his walk-cycle, George should be at frame 15, Paul at frame 2 and Ringo at 13. The condition of this piece isn't great. There is significant creasing and a tear to the bottom right as can be seen on the image below  

This piece is extremely rare, beautifully drawn and eerily reminiscent of a future album-cover featuring a certain zebra-crossing!