'Waxworks' - Concept Overlay

Location on DVD: 16.54

Image Size: Fills cel, Notation:R/H, Sc.9, O/L

An early-production overlay cel featuring Marilyn Monroe, The Phantom and a further unknown character. The character in the middle doesn't appear in the finished film and the place occupied by him is filled by Wild Bill Hickok. There is a faint sketch on this character of a cowboy on horseback and the notation 'THIS IS A PEDESTAL AS THOSE ON BG'. The artwork is watercolour & pencil on card, glued to a blank 16-field cel. The glue remnants have browned over the years and the cel has detached from the card in some areas. There is a small amount of 'curling' to the cel in the top right corner. Other than this the piece is in excellent condition. A very unusual item from the early stages of the film's production.


Waxworks - Concept Overlay