The Apple Boutique Illuminated

In July 2008, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of it's closure, The BBC commissioned a projection artist to emulate The Fool's famous mural on the side of the former Apple Boutique at 94 Baker Street.

The Apple Boutique Building, 94 Baker Street, London
The building, along with those adjoining it, has been modified structurally in the last forty years. The chimney stacks are gone and a further storey has been added to the roof. On the eastern side [overlooking Paddington Street] the chimney system has been removed and three rows of windows now occupy the space. The bottom row of arched window apertures has been elongated legthways by a third and the shopfront and fascias have been replaced. The changes are quite significant but not compared to those at it's immediate neighbour on Baker Street - The Classic Cinema (1937 - 1973). The art deco frontage has been replaced with a continuation of the front of the Apple Boutique building, and this style then repeats along the whole block.
The Classic Cinema and Apple Boutique, Baker Street, London
Closing day - 30th July 1968
The Classic Cinema has gone
The event's projectionist failed to account for the old fascia and elongation of the bottom row of windows so sadly it was displayed out of perspective. There was no prior publicity and the event was attended by only a handful of invited guests, and passers-by. The invited guests included Tony Bramwell, Pattie Boyd, Edina Ronay and Dick Polak. The BBC filmed the event and a 12-minute piece on their 'Newsnight' program aired on 31st July 2008.
The Apple Boutique building at 94 Baker Street, London.
2008 Projection
The images above and below show the building in 1968 and in comparative shots during the projection.
The Apple Boutique building at 94 Baker Street, London.
You can view the 'Newsnight' item in two parts by clicking on the youtube player below.