Pink Floyd - 'The Wall' 15th Anniversary Promo Cels

A full set of five 1992 promotional cels made to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of 'The Wall', and to advertise the then-upcoming auction of production animation art from the movie of the same name. The cels are 11"x9" (A4) and all are in mint condition (snap these up - they're fantastic). Also includes original A4 2-sided flyer (tri-folded). Very limited quantity.

Click on images for large pictures;

Full Set of 5 plus flyer: £29.00
Set of 5 'Wall' Laserprint Backgrounds: £4.99


Mama's gonna keep baby healthy and clean

But in the town it was well known...

Just five minutes, Worm your honor...




What shall we do..
Original exhibition flyer fill the empty spaces?





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