Commercial for 'New Coke'

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*The premise is that the viewer is seeing Bugs Bunny at the start of his career, working as an extra on the set of a musical;

Move down from cartoon sky-writing saying 'Coke' to a cutesy cartoon chorus of little birds, fawns, squirrels, etc. all singing a saccharine Disney-type song. We see in amongst the extras the bored figure of Bugs Bunny.

The cartoon director yells 'Cut' and the chorus take a break.

They gather together on the set.

A squirrel comes up to Bugs.

Squirrel: Hey, nice scampering Bugs.

A fawn pats him on the back

Fawn: Yeah like an old pro.

Squirrel: This is my tenth picture as an extra. Great bunch of guys.

The squirrel points out the other animals who have started up a game of cards (NOT POKER)

Fawn: You ought to stick around. You could carve yourself out quite a niche with those cute, floppy ears.

Bugs Bunny scowls and takes a swig of Coke. An owl hops over.

Owl: Hey, you drinking Coke? We guys don't drink Coke since they changed it. We like the same old routines.

Gopher: We're old pros and we stand by the status quos.

Bugs shrugs off their bonhomie

Bugs: Aw can it. I'm off. I've had it with you stick-in-the-muds. I'm gonna have my name in lights, my own series...

An irate duck waddles over, jumping up and down in excitement .

Duck: Nobody who drinks that new Coke's ever gonna amount to no hill o' beans.

Bugs cooly turns to the angry duck.

Bugs: (Nearly uttering his immortal line for the first time.) "What's up, Duck?"

The director walks over suddenly interested, as if spotting a star.

Bugs smiles.

Director: "Hey Wabbit, say dat again."